We Are Guessing You Are Interested In Making a Japanese Garden? Here’s Some Inspiration For You..

It comes via the ‘Turn Your Garden Japanese Podcast’ a free audio presentation at least once a month on every aspect of making a Japanese garden at home in your yard or garden.

Here is the most recent addition that looks at water ideas and rules when making a Japanese style garden AND talks about something that you will need in your Japanese garden space ….FLOW.

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Making a Japanese Garden In A Small Space On PINTEREST

Here’s some of our Pinterest boards with LOTS of useful HELP, ADVICE and INSPIRATION for making a Japanese garden at home.

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Check out the Express Japanese Garden Club too. Create your own Japanese garden space – guaranteed for under $5.00!


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3 Books We Recommend For Making A Japanese Garden


Making a Japanese garden is not as complicated as you may think IF you have the basic knowledge. We are often asked to recommend HELPFUL and HIGH QUALITY books that make the art of Japanese gardening simpler to understand and apply to your Japanese garden space at home – even if you haven’t started yet and your little piece of the Orient is still a dream!

Here are 3 books that we thoroughly recommend to you …take a look!

A Practical guide to

CLICK HERE to see the book details and reviews

Serene Gardens

CLICK HERE to see book details and reviews


CLICK HERE for book details and reviews.

All 3 books provide invaluable information for anyone who wants to make a Japanese garden and some go into more detail than others. This means you can design a Japanese garden as authentically as you wish or just keep things simple and have a less complicated Japanese garden.

The Japanese Garden Club is the only online website that gives you everything that you could possibly need and want to have your own small Japanese style garden and you can find out all about it by CLICKING HERE


We Publish Japanese Garden And Zen Garden Articles Too…

We publish helpful and informative artilcles on Japanese Gardens and Zen Gardens for people to learn from. Here is our selection of articles that we publish through Ezinearticles.com. Simply click on the ARTICLE HEADLINE in BLUE within the box to find the resource that you would like to read. Enjoy!


John Lander – An Extraordinary Japanese Garden Photographer

John Lander is the go-to man for Japanese garden photography in Asia.

Johns pictures are detailed, dramatic and inspiring if you are interested in making a Japanese garden. He has kindly allowed me to share some of his breathtakingly beautiful images with you via a slideshow.

These pictures will give you some really good ideas for making your own Japanese garden space at home as all the pictures are from gardens in Japan and wonderfully illustrate the uniqueness of Japanese gardens and Zen gardens. Enjoy!!

Japanese Garden Images – Images by John Lander

Japanese Zen Gardens – Amazon Kindle Version

Hi ,

Thanks for stopping by my website – I recently designed and built my own Zen garden ( a small space one I in my rear garden.

Here is a shot of my simplistic Zen garden – all but finished!

I have just finished writing a magazine for iPad and iPhone that will be published in 3 weeks time . BUT if you have a Kindle from Amazon I have uploaded the edition today. It is ALL about Zen gardens. What are they?, What is there history? What ingredients? Rocks, Stones, Sand, Gravel, Plants and Shrubs. There are some great images and EVERYTHING you would want to know if you have ever wondered ‘WHAT IS A ZEN GARDEN?’. I also take readers through the process of building a Zen garden – design tips, how it is constructed, what to use, where to pace your garden and much more! It has been a labour of love for me and it is available now JUST CLICK HERE and below is the cover:

Japanese And Zen Gardens Book

CLICK HERE for more information and I have kept the cost very low!

PS there is also a Chapter on COURTYARD GARDENS a sort of home interior Zen garden – they are beautiful!

Making A Japanese Garden – ‘Decorating’ by guest author Andrew Caxton


Thanks for visiting making a Japanese garden dot com. Today I am posting a short articles by Journalist and enthusiast Andrew Caxton on Japanese decorating which I hope that you will find useful. If you love or are intrigued by Japanese gardens and Zen gardens then this is the place to come for lots of FREE information, images, advice , tips etc.

Infact a browse around this blog will give you access to my Japanese garden video, manual, you can view our YouTube channel and even sign up for our Japanese garden newsletter. This can be done simply and easily by visitng : www.japzengardens.org  – the sign up box is at the foot of the page. Ok, here the article…..

Japanese Gardens in Japanese Decorating By Andrew Caxton

Many landscapers today, whether professional or home do-it-yourselfers are turning to Japanese designs for landscaping a garden.  The peace and tranquility of a Japanese garden is attracting many people to this type of landscaping design.   One of the biggest attractions of a Japanese garden is the ease of taking care of it. If a Japanese garden is well designed in the first place, it will not be expensive to install, and will be relatively carefree. Many people think a Japanese garden will be expensive because it has to have exotic plants and flowers in it. This couldn’t be the furthest from the truth, since a Japanese garden seeks to have the simplest materials to create that peaceful look.  If you understand the underlying principles of Japanese gardens, you can create one that will not be expensive and will be easy to care for.


One of the most important underlying principles of Japanese gardens is to follow the lines and form of nature. There are not square ponds in nature, so a Japanese garden would have to have a round pond.  Natural shapes that abound in nature are what will be found in a Japanese garden. Stones that are carefully placed so that they look as if they occurred there naturally are a perfect example. Another main principle of Japanese gardens is the management of space. There is no fear of having large empty spaces in a Japanese garden; this is done on purpose so that the empty spaces complement and outline the other elements in the garden. Managing size in a Japanese garden is a third element to be addressed. Large items in small places will overwhelm the tranquility of the garden.  Seeking balance, the Japanese landscape gardener will proportions so that each element works with the other, rather than compete with it.


Japanese gardens frequently use enclosures in interesting ways.  Fences and gates serve the purpose of secluding the garden, but they may also point the visitor to another area, even if it is only an illusion. The symbolism of seclusion in the garden is important and so walkways are always wandering off into small areas, even in expansive gardens. Gates and fences create both a barrier and a entrance way, leading the garden visitor away from the cares of the world and into a peaceful retreat.


Andrew Caxton is a journalist who has written more articles and newsletters on this subject for http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com. Find more publications about japanese decorating at his website.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrew_Caxton http://EzineArticles.com/?Japanese-Gardens-in-Japanese-Decorating&id=425680

Making A Japanese Garden – 5 Japanese Garden Designs REVIEW



Thanks for visiting our website. It is fairly common when making aJapanese garden to feel a little overwhelmed by all of the available information and deciding what to do and where. You can do-it-yourself, get a professional in to help you  OR for a fraction of the cost get help from one of the world’s top award winning Japanese garden designers Alison.

http://www.landscape-design-advisor.com is one of the internets leading garden design specialists and they have terrific advice on all sorts of gardens from all over the world. They are highly respected and have a hugely successful business. They have reviewed this ‘third’way of making a Japanese garden after road testing Alison’s Japanese garden design manual and video series. Take a look.


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Here’s an overview of ‘Japanese Garden Designs’…

Site Name Japanese Garden Design
Category Garden Design
Money Back Guarantee YES60 Days
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Products Offered -Five complete garden designs-Detailed blueprints in PDF and JPG formats

-Plant and materials lists for each plan

-Full colour photos from many perspectives

-Easy to follow training videos

-FREE Lifetime Updates

Benefits With this package, you can:-Create and customize a professional Japanese
garden design.

-Increase the value of your home substantially
without spending a fortune.

-Learn tricks and techniques that the professionals

-Choose from an Oriental garden, Zen garden,
waterwise design, or a tropical style.

-Adapt any of the designs into an accessible outdoor
space to accommodate special needs.

Testimonials “I installed one of Alison’s
Japanese garden designs after seeing her gold
winning garden at the Lifestyle Garden Show. When I
saw the bridge reflecting in the pond, I knew I had
to have one as well.The garden turned out to lots
better than I’d hoped. I believe that it was even
better than Alison’s show garden!I sold the house a
few months after the garden was installed, and made
a handsome profit. The garden sold the house!
Needless to say I installed another of Alison’s
designs in my new garden.”
Sandy Davies

Johannesburg, SA

“I’ve used Alison’s designs to improve my garden.
It has made a huge difference and her ideas were
very easy to implement.One thing that really helped
me a lot was the way in which illusion was used to
make my focal point stand out. This is a real money
saver as I bought a smaller statue, without losing
the impact it created. She also helped me get the
flow and balance of my garden spot on.”

Merl Erasmus

Toronto Star

Toronto, Canada

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Japanese Garden Designs


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