Making A Japanese Zen Garden – update


Thanks for visiting my website, I have just returned from a very pleasant break in Sweden. I now have the 4th video in a five video series that takes you step by step through making a small space Japanese Zen garden.

It is fairly easy to do and takes very little time – once you have planned it you could build it withing 2 or 3 days but a lot of folks like to take their time and that is what I did!

You can watch VIDEO 4 by CLICKING HERE

I have put all four video’s for Making A Japanese Zen garden on my Youtube channel and you can see them all by CLICKING HERE. Each video is hopefully easy to follow and they range between 2 to 3 minutes for each one.

This is a shot I took earlier today that shows it 75% done, today I will be making an ‘Island’ of grass around the single stone.

A small space Zen garden that I have 75% completed at my home

I will post some more photos very soon and hope you check out the video’s! The reason the sand is not yet raked is because we have once again had so much rain that it is a solid mass and very wet!

Enjoy your day.




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