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Japanese Zen Gardens – Amazon Kindle Version

Hi ,

Thanks for stopping by my website – I recently designed and built my own Zen garden ( a small space one I in my rear garden.

Here is a shot of my simplistic Zen garden – all but finished!

I have just finished writing a magazine for iPad and iPhone that will be published in 3 weeks time . BUT if you have a Kindle from Amazon I have uploaded the edition today. It is ALL about Zen gardens. What are they?, What is there history? What ingredients? Rocks, Stones, Sand, Gravel, Plants and Shrubs. There are some great images and EVERYTHING you would want to know if you have ever wondered ‘WHAT IS A ZEN GARDEN?’. I also take readers through the process of building a Zen garden – design tips, how it is constructed, what to use, where to pace your garden and much more! It has been a labour of love for me and it is available now JUST CLICK HERE and below is the cover:

Japanese And Zen Gardens Book

CLICK HERE for more information and I have kept the cost very low!

PS there is also a Chapter on COURTYARD GARDENS a sort of home interior Zen garden – they are beautiful!

Making a Japanese Garden – Zen garden’s Books and DVD’s on AMAZON…

Zen garden books and DVd’s on Amazon

Here is our amazon page cntaining books and DVD’s on the subject of Zen gardens or Japanese rock gardens as they are sometimes known. CLICK HERE


Making A Japanese Garden – 5 Japanese Garden Designs REVIEW



Thanks for visiting our website. It is fairly common when making aJapanese garden to feel a little overwhelmed by all of the available information and deciding what to do and where. You can do-it-yourself, get a professional in to help you  OR for a fraction of the cost get help from one of the world’s top award winning Japanese garden designers Alison.

http://www.landscape-design-advisor.com is one of the internets leading garden design specialists and they have terrific advice on all sorts of gardens from all over the world. They are highly respected and have a hugely successful business. They have reviewed this ‘third’way of making a Japanese garden after road testing Alison’s Japanese garden design manual and video series. Take a look.


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Here’s an overview of ‘Japanese Garden Designs’…

Site Name Japanese Garden Design
Category Garden Design
Money Back Guarantee YES60 Days
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Products Offered -Five complete garden designs-Detailed blueprints in PDF and JPG formats

-Plant and materials lists for each plan

-Full colour photos from many perspectives

-Easy to follow training videos

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Benefits With this package, you can:-Create and customize a professional Japanese
garden design.

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-Learn tricks and techniques that the professionals

-Choose from an Oriental garden, Zen garden,
waterwise design, or a tropical style.

-Adapt any of the designs into an accessible outdoor
space to accommodate special needs.

Testimonials “I installed one of Alison’s
Japanese garden designs after seeing her gold
winning garden at the Lifestyle Garden Show. When I
saw the bridge reflecting in the pond, I knew I had
to have one as well.The garden turned out to lots
better than I’d hoped. I believe that it was even
better than Alison’s show garden!I sold the house a
few months after the garden was installed, and made
a handsome profit. The garden sold the house!
Needless to say I installed another of Alison’s
designs in my new garden.”
Sandy Davies

Johannesburg, SA

“I’ve used Alison’s designs to improve my garden.
It has made a huge difference and her ideas were
very easy to implement.One thing that really helped
me a lot was the way in which illusion was used to
make my focal point stand out. This is a real money
saver as I bought a smaller statue, without losing
the impact it created. She also helped me get the
flow and balance of my garden spot on.”

Merl Erasmus

Toronto Star

Toronto, Canada

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Japanese Garden Designs


Zen Gardens Online MAGAZINE Launched!

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Thanks for visiting my website makingajapanesegarden.com.

Sometime ago I started an online magazine about Japanese gardens – it is FREE and updated daily. You can visit it by clicking HERE.

If you like Japanese and /or Zen gardens you will really enjoy these web resources.

A lot of folks asked for more information about Japanese Zen gardens so I have done the same. I have just launched my ZEN GARDENS site today – it is also FREE and will be updated daily. CLICK HERE to viisit


Making A Japanese Garden – A Japanese Courtyard Garden

www.i-love-delrey-beach.com Japanese Courtyard Garden

As promised here is some hopefully useful and inspiring news on Japanese courtyard gardens. They make great use of limited space and with a little planning they can be stunning in simplicity and pleasing on the eye.

A few days ago I wrote an introductory piece on this website about making a Japanese courtyard garden. If you scroll down on the pages left hand side you will find the article and lots of other Japanese garden related information and tips.

A courtyard garden in Japanese is called ‘Tsuboniwa’. You can include plants and ornaments but they are much more than just those two things. They are considered by many as a place to reflect and enrich the spirit and they often provide a ‘lightness’ to any home and a feeling of being enclosed but outdoors enjoying ventilation.

Making  A Japanese garden – Courtyard garden essentials…

Originally, Japanese courtyard gardens were small micro-gardens as part of a much larger building structure. They started off being really quite small just under 4 metres square in size that is around 11 feet squared and were often a common addition to many Japanese homes.

So what are the elements you can use when making a Japanese garden? If you wish to be accurate and traditional then a stone basin is a must, stone pathways, a lantern, maybe a small bridge and some garden stones. These are all strong elements and are often referred to by designers as ‘hardscape’.

Hardscape will help you set out and realise your design ideas. For example you could place a small bridge over an area of sand or gravel ( depicting water) or you could place a few larger stones withing your design that would mimic real landscapes like mountains.

Plants , shrubs and herbaceous trees will complete the finished design. As always, my advice is to sketch out your designs before starting the construction. A good rule of thumb is one inch squared equals one suare foot on your plan.

It is quite possible that your Japanese courtyard garden will have walls on each side and may be denied generous sunlight so you will have to pickj your trees, shrubs and plants accordingly. If it is a really shdy are then go for mosses – they will flourish and provide a blanket of different greens and the occasionally light brown to accentuate your hardscape features.

Your sunlight in the garden will dictate what plants and shrubs will flourish in an area of direct sunlight, shade or bright light (not direct sunlight).Its a small scale garden so try and stick with dwarf bonsai and a good dollop of groundcover plants that fit your environment. Always check the growing needs before buying to avoid dissapointment.

The chances are your Japanese courtyard garden will not be blessed with lots of natural water so pick plants that require little water. If you feel uncomfortable about including plants, shrubs and bonsai trees then you can always just design a space that is a traditional ‘Tsuboniwa’. By this I mean DRY – no water or plants etc. The earliest and more traditional courtyard gardens follow this ‘rule’.

They used rocks, sand , gravel etc to copy real landscapes scenes from a familiar local area. It is fun using your imagination – rake sand in swirls to signify water, a stone basin containing water can signify a lake or even an ocean! You can go small medium or large with your landscape copying, it will depend on the size of your available area.

A Japanese courtyard garden takes some organising and thought. Don’t just place ingredients willy nilly. Your plan should reflect an area of contemplation, tranquility and spiritual learning and reflection. Do not overcrowd it!

I heard a saying that is SO true ….” Plan your Japanese courtyard garden with a minimalist approach and the economy of a poet”

Get a thorough insight into Japanese courtyard gardens and how you can design a beautiful area for your home by getting a FREE copy of our design book ’11 Simple Ways To Turn Your Garden Japanese’ by CLICKING HERE