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In a very short while I am launching an exciting, interesting and inspiring newsletter on Japanese gardens …it will be totally free and take a listen to my little message about the service I am providing for Japanese garden enthusiasts.If you love Japanese gardens or dream, of your own Zen garden ( sometimes referred to as a Japanese Rock garden) you will love the design tips and information that I have got for you.

Delivered straight to your ‘inbox’ EVERY week ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin’ will help you make your dream of a relaxing Japanese garden become a reality…and it’s not as difficult as you may think!

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Thank you for visiting our website that is all about giving you useful information and tips for making a Japanese garden. There is a lot of very informative and helpful information on this website that will help turn your small or large space at home whether indoors or outdoors into a space with a touch of Japan.

We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year and a HEALTHY and inspiring 2013!

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Kew Gardens In London – Video Of The Japanese Garden Area

When making a Japanese garden there is perhaps no better way to formulate the design ideas that you may have in your imagination than actually looking at exsisting Japanese gardens.

I recently visited the garden and had a great time. From The Imperial Gateway to a beautiful Karensui area to stunning rock placement and topiary it is all here on this short video. Steven Speilberg I am not but I hope that you take a look and enjoy it!

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Following on from yesterdays post – our 2 E books are available for the next 5 DAYS ONLY on AMAZON KINDLE. Here are the details and we hope you enjoy them and they help with your plans to make a Japanese garden.

Japanese Gardens – Revealed and Explained  – CLICK HERE to access a free copy.

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Japanese Gardens – The Use Of Stones And Rocks FREE Download on Amazon Kindle

Thanks for stopping by our website – packed with information on making a Japanese garden.

One of the most instantly recognisable things about Japanese gardens are the very effective and symbolic use of Stones and Rocks. Author Russ Chard has written on the subject of Japanese gardens for many years and his AMAZON Kindle articles on the subject are avilable for FREE download for the next 4 days.

FREE download of ‘Japanese Gardens – The Use Of Rocks And Stones

Claim your free download to learn about Rocks and Stones in Japanese gardens that will help with any design ideas you may have by CLICKING HERE to go the AMAZON PAGE.

Tomorrow his E books on Japanese Gardens – Revealed and Explained ( Over 100 pages long) will be available for free as will his latest and newest publication called Japanese Zen Gardens – both FREE download links on Amazon will be posted on this website, so please come back! Enjoy.

Japanese Zen Gardens – Amazon Kindle Version

Hi ,

Thanks for stopping by my website – I recently designed and built my own Zen garden ( a small space one I in my rear garden.

Here is a shot of my simplistic Zen garden – all but finished!

I have just finished writing a magazine for iPad and iPhone that will be published in 3 weeks time . BUT if you have a Kindle from Amazon I have uploaded the edition today. It is ALL about Zen gardens. What are they?, What is there history? What ingredients? Rocks, Stones, Sand, Gravel, Plants and Shrubs. There are some great images and EVERYTHING you would want to know if you have ever wondered ‘WHAT IS A ZEN GARDEN?’. I also take readers through the process of building a Zen garden – design tips, how it is constructed, what to use, where to pace your garden and much more! It has been a labour of love for me and it is available now JUST CLICK HERE and below is the cover:

Japanese And Zen Gardens Book

CLICK HERE for more information and I have kept the cost very low!

PS there is also a Chapter on COURTYARD GARDENS a sort of home interior Zen garden – they are beautiful!

Making A Japanese Zen Garden – update


Thanks for visiting my website, I have just returned from a very pleasant break in Sweden. I now have the 4th video in a five video series that takes you step by step through making a small space Japanese Zen garden.

It is fairly easy to do and takes very little time – once you have planned it you could build it withing 2 or 3 days but a lot of folks like to take their time and that is what I did!

You can watch VIDEO 4 by CLICKING HERE

I have put all four video’s for Making A Japanese Zen garden on my Youtube channel and you can see them all by CLICKING HERE. Each video is hopefully easy to follow and they range between 2 to 3 minutes for each one.

This is a shot I took earlier today that shows it 75% done, today I will be making an ‘Island’ of grass around the single stone.

A small space Zen garden that I have 75% completed at my home

I will post some more photos very soon and hope you check out the video’s! The reason the sand is not yet raked is because we have once again had so much rain that it is a solid mass and very wet!

Enjoy your day.




Making A Japanese Zen Garden – Video’s



Thanks for visiting my website, the weather held and I have added two more videos to my Youtube channel taking you through more preparation work and the ‘edging process’ and setting in concrete.

There will be more videos to come and these will be filmed over the next few days and I hope you get a sense of the simplicity of a Zen garden and that you DO NOT have to have a big space to design and build one.Did you know over 150,000 people around the world per month search on Google the term ‘What is a Zen garden?’…hopefully this website and these videos can help them with some answers.

I have set up a Youtube playlist for you, just CLICK HERE and they will play one after the other.

STOP PRESS: I week to go to London 2012 and The Olympic games and the weather is set for a significant improvement whcih is great and it means the Zen garden project will race ahead so please do come back and watch the new information I will be putting on this website.


Couple of Bits….

ZEN GARDEN PROJECT:  Its dry and the edging starts and hopefully finishes today! Video on how we are doing it to follow.

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