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We have a free podcast that is published every 3 or 4 weeks on all sorts of aspects of Japanese gardens and Japanese gardening at home in a garden or yard.

So, if you are excited about the idea of making a Japanese garden space at home with beautifully manicured plants, shrubs and trees…maybe some running water, stone lanterns and perhaps a ‘dry’ garden in more of a Zen style then we think you will find our FREE Japanese garden podcast pretty helpful!

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Boundaries are very important in a Japanese garden or a Zen style garden and this edition of the podcast is all about the importance of boundaries in a Japanese garden – essential to distinguish the garden itself from the outside world.

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If you are keen on making a Japanese garden or creating your own Japanese garden in a small space at home in your yard or garden then why not try the ‘Turn Your Garden Japanese ‘ Podcast.

We have just launched it and over the coming months it will be packed with really helpful practical tips on creating a Japanese garden.

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Japanese Garden Basin

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In a very short while I am launching an exciting, interesting and inspiring newsletter on Japanese gardens …it will be totally free and take a listen to my little message about the service I am providing for Japanese garden enthusiasts.If you love Japanese gardens or dream, of your own Zen garden ( sometimes referred to as a Japanese Rock garden) you will love the design tips and information that I have got for you.

Delivered straight to your ‘inbox’ EVERY week ‘The Japanese Garden Bulletin’ will help you make your dream of a relaxing Japanese garden become a reality…and it’s not as difficult as you may think!

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Making A Japanese Garden – Things To Bear In Mind

Japanese philosophy reasons that everything OLD has a value. This applies to

The Imperial Gateway and Japanese Garden At Kew in London

when you are making a Japanese garden.

Boulders overgrown with moss, old trees, stone arrangements are all examples of this mantra. ‘Nature’ in a Japanese garden is fundamental and it’s appearance should reflect natural looks rather than manufactured looks – even if the garden is designed in a specific way and by definition is not old at all.

Perennials and bulbs are sporadically planted to highlight the natural character of the garden rocks that are placed ‘naturally’ in the design itself. Stone and water go together in a Japanese garden and the water element can be anything from a shallow stone basis through to a pond or small waterfall. Water must be in a Japanese garden and it is something that you will realise is not only essential but pleasing on the senses.

Japanese gardens always stress the importance of the proportionate beauty of nature itself. They are very time consumng to look after but that is part of the dedication you will need to be a Japanese gardener. All Japanese gardens are designed to hide any form of human interference and to display a ‘natural world’.

Nature consists of Stone, Water and Plants and these are 3 of the principle ingredients of a Japanese garden for this reason. The history of these garden goes back hundreds if not thousands of years and embrace nature in all their forms.

I have put together a free video on the subject of ‘Making A Japanese Garden-Design and Landscaping’ to give you a real flavour of what you will be looking for – irrespective of whether you have a larger patch of land, a small yard or even a rooftop area. All are possible in the world of Japanese gardens!

My Japanese garden design site is the home of the video and you can find out all about the subject by going to this webpage- there is NOTHING like this available online or offline so please enjoy …..and it contains a nice suprise if you want to make a Japanese garden toward the end of the video too!

To access the free video go to:

Have a great day and keep coming back to this website as it is constantly updated on the wonderful creations that are JAPANESE AND ZEN GARDENS.

Japanese Zen Gardens – Amazon Kindle Version

Hi ,

Thanks for stopping by my website – I recently designed and built my own Zen garden ( a small space one I in my rear garden.

Here is a shot of my simplistic Zen garden – all but finished!

I have just finished writing a magazine for iPad and iPhone that will be published in 3 weeks time . BUT if you have a Kindle from Amazon I have uploaded the edition today. It is ALL about Zen gardens. What are they?, What is there history? What ingredients? Rocks, Stones, Sand, Gravel, Plants and Shrubs. There are some great images and EVERYTHING you would want to know if you have ever wondered ‘WHAT IS A ZEN GARDEN?’. I also take readers through the process of building a Zen garden – design tips, how it is constructed, what to use, where to pace your garden and much more! It has been a labour of love for me and it is available now JUST CLICK HERE and below is the cover:

Japanese And Zen Gardens Book

CLICK HERE for more information and I have kept the cost very low!

PS there is also a Chapter on COURTYARD GARDENS a sort of home interior Zen garden – they are beautiful!

Making A Japanese Zen Garden – Video’s



Thanks for visiting my website, the weather held and I have added two more videos to my Youtube channel taking you through more preparation work and the ‘edging process’ and setting in concrete.

There will be more videos to come and these will be filmed over the next few days and I hope you get a sense of the simplicity of a Zen garden and that you DO NOT have to have a big space to design and build one.Did you know over 150,000 people around the world per month search on Google the term ‘What is a Zen garden?’…hopefully this website and these videos can help them with some answers.

I have set up a Youtube playlist for you, just CLICK HERE and they will play one after the other.

STOP PRESS: I week to go to London 2012 and The Olympic games and the weather is set for a significant improvement whcih is great and it means the Zen garden project will race ahead so please do come back and watch the new information I will be putting on this website.


Making A Japanese Zen Garden UPDATE

Good growth of Moss on one of the side rocks.

So, the rain has stopped for one day and it is still too wet to concrete in the edging and we are stuck! But I took my camera out today to show you some different angles of the are and where exactly the Zen garden that I am building is going to sit in my garden.

You will see that the space is dug out ready for the edges to be completely straightened , then we will put the Granite blocks in place to edge the entire garden.

A line of rocks will sit above the left hand edge as you can see below and the wet weather and lack of sunlight ( no good!!) has seen a nice moss formation – something i like in Japanese Zen stlye gardens.

As you look face on at the space you will notice it is an up-slope, this I have cleared of weeds and debris and will put fresh soil onto it when the Zen garden is built. We are leaving the green bushes around the Zen garden area.

The Buddha and small Acer are in situ and all I need to add here is my stone basin, which I don’t want covered in too much moss! I will put some photo’s online in due course.

On the slight up-slope site the Buddha statue , Acer and shaped bush on the right as you look at it.

I hope you are getting a feel of how small or large you can make a Zen garden and my design is not too big but I think fits in perfectly with the surrounding area. It is a calm area – nice and quiet.

When we start the edging I will be making a video to explain how to simply do this and keep things straight plus demonstrating how to lay the weed mat on the base of the space, in order that you don’t get any unwelcome growth! Any questions please feel free to ask, post or email me!

A view of the group of side rocks – with moss. The stone edging will be infront of them in a staright line.

My Zen garden space – as a front on view- a slope is at the rear.

Making A Japanese Garden – Zen Garden Project

Well, I wish I had better news – the space , if you have been following my prokect, has been dug out, weed mats bought, a Buddha statue sourced, edging bought, stones sourced …,infact we are ready to go BUT the rain just keep on coming.

We cannot concrete with the ground so wet. The rain in Northern Europe has been unpprecedented in the same way that the extreme heat for North America is. So I will have to be pateient. As soon as its dry then we can start the importand anti -weed work and granite block edging. I will be posting a video of the whole process. Here is a picture of my flooded dug out space, that is admittedly on clay ground:

A flooded space …oh dear.


As I type, the rain is overflowing my guttering!

Here is a picture of my miniature Acer tree and you are getting a glimpse of my Buddha statue sitting on a slight downward slope, at the from of the slope near the Acer will be the Stone basin – all three elements will overlook the Zen garden space.


Whilst the construction work has been halted, I have been working on a new book about Zen gardens and an online magazine that you will be able to download and read via an iPhone or an iPad. It is being put together and with a fair wind will be available from the first week in August.

There will be plenty more information about making a Japanese garden on this website before that so please keep coming back.





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As you would probably expect we would have a FACEBOOK page and are getting together a nice community of Japanese garden and Zen garden enthusiasts.

I just posted this morning some nice pictures on the page CLICK HERE to see them and the page , it would be great if you could like us and maybe post some of your own thoughts and pictures with our Japanese gardens fans.

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